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As we go through grade school and even into college, we collect yearbooks and read newspapers. How relevant is it to our lives? Do we read the articles, look at the pictures, and reminiscence our childhood memories? Are we just putting these publications in boxes for ages or just recycling the pages that people worked countless hours to perfect? Is it worth the time and effort or should everything just go to digital or become extinct?

As I approach my last semester and the end of four yearbooks at Furman, I am constantly asked about what will happen to the yearbook when I leave. As I was telling someone about the retention plan, I was asked why Furman still makes a yearbook. Many colleges do not print yearbooks. They are either digitalized or not even created. Furman has a media board of all kinds of student led media publications but the ones that are struggling are those that need students to physically pick up their material in order to be successful. There have been many debates if printed media like newspaper, brochures, flyers, and postcards will continue to be printed or only accessible online.  My objective with this blog is to really find out what students want now and what they might want in the future. Do they pick up the yearbook, newspaper, etc.? Do alums or even professionals go back to their old yearbooks or articles years later?  The target audience would be those interested in media, students looking at the job possibilities in print media, and those thinking about using print media as a resource for publication of their work.

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I was born and raised in small town in Upstate South Carolina. I got the chance of a lifetime to go to my dream school, Furman. Now, I’m graduating in just a few months with degrees in Information Technology and Religion. Like most Furman students, I got very involved on campus: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Relay for Life, Trone Student Center Staff, The Bonhomie Staff, and Furman Varsity Cheerleading.

My dream is to go into student affairs and work with college students in polishing their leadership skills and involvement. Through my job at our student union, I found this odd career path of student affairs and fell in love with it. I want to use the best things I have learned from my IT and Religion backgrounds to innovate colleges and help the next generations understand what living in such a diverse, connected world means. To me this means understanding and accepting each other and holding true to who you are a person and what that looks like.

I love sports mainly, Football and Baseball, but I am exploring Women’s Soccer and want to know more about Rugby. You will catch me glued to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.922790_10151613059364883_2103199079_n Dancing and cheerleading make up my childhood but my favorite passion of the last eight years is the yearbook world #yerd. Its a
ll about design and photography,which have become my stress relievers. As I reach the end of my time at Furman and the four years I have spent on Furman’s Bonhomie Staff, I have been exploring what the futur101_0009.JPGe of the yearbook here holds and what the students really want.

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